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Ever since the first model T rolled from the production lines now over a century ago, people have been attracted and drawn to them. Cars have been and will be one of the most desirable possession for most of the people. From simple commuter and a to b cars to super the fast super fast sports cars of this world, each car has its own identity and personality. Cars are no longer merely a way to get to where your going, but they have become a status symbol of power and wealth for many People. Because of this people buy and drive the most expensive cars to compliment their personality and improve and better their image in the society. For many famous celebrities and VIPís cars have become an integral part of their image. They need and want to travel in the best and the most luxurious cars money can afford.

The car offers ultimate luxury to the owners and passengers alike. Some people like to travel in fast sports cars that go from 0 to 60 mph within a matter of seconds. Then there are fancy and exotic cars, small cars, 4 wheel drive cars and so on. Most of these cars can be very costly and beyond the reach of most people. Being expensive makes the cars much more elitist and exotic. The middle and lower working class people just cannot afford to buy and own such cars. Even rich and wealthy people can find it difficult to maintain these cars as they can require lots of care and attention. Simple quickly clean and occasional servicing is not sufficient for these cars. They need professional care and maintenance. Hence the majority of the people understand its better to hire such cars instead of purchasing them. More wealthy individuals lease out their cars for a long period from hire companies. Those who need it for special occasions, weddings, proms etc are then simply able to hire a car for a day or so.

Limousines are the pinnacle of luxury cars, a Limousine or Limo is traditionally a long luxurious car that is normally black in colour. These cars are driven by professional chauffeurs. Limousines are the ultimate status symbol for rich and the famous the world over. There are many different types of limos. There are stretch limos, traditional limos, stage limos, exotic custom limousines and so on. Owning and maintaining a limousine is not a very easy task. It is of no wonder that even the rich and the wealthy people, use a limo to travel within the city do not usually buy it. They more than often employ the services of a limousine hire company to rent a limo and driver or to get one on a lease basis.

Limousine hire companies offer very well maintained and luxurious limousines for all occasions possible. Depending on your needs and requirements, the limo hire company can provide you with the right limo for you. If you need to hire a limo for a wedding, prom or that special event, you can just contact a limousine hire company in UK and hire a limo for yourself. Some UK limo hire companies can also provide customized limousines to their clients. Normally, black limousines are used for business travel and formal occasions like attending funerals. Where as white limousines are normally considered appropriate for auspicious occasions like weddings and parties etc.

FAB1 Limo Hire is one of the leading limousine hire company in the UK. It offers a wonderful pink limo for hire in anywhere UK and around the world. The limo is based on Lady Penelopeís pink limo from the original cult television childrenís show, Thunderbirds. The pink limo is an exact and faithful replica of Lady Penelopeís car. FAB1 limo is the concept of Melvin Jarvis from Leicester, UK. Jarvis, an air-conditioning engineer who dreamed of having a six-wheeled limo to drive for himself. The custom made one off pink limo is the talk of the town. With its retro styling and Rolls Royce lines, the pink limo stands out from the crowd. The car has been designed with the help of a model. Great attention has been paid to the details to ensure the pink limo looks exactly like Lady Penelopeís car did in the show.

The pink limo can be hired for individual or corporate functions. Being chauffeured around in the pink limo will give you that feeling of being transported back into the 1960ís. The well crafted interior and beautifully polished and shaped exterior of the 6 wheeled pink limo will definitely enthral you. If you want to hire the pink limo, donít worry it wont cost you a fortune. With the charges starting as low as £100 for limousine hire, being chauffeured in a limo is no longer a distant dream.

For a one in a lifetime experience of travelling in Lady Penelopeís pink limousine, just give a call to Melvin on:

Tel: 01162 412407
Mob: 07871 175977

Have you ever wanted to zoom around the world in Thunderbird One? Or maybe you were jealous of Gordon Tracy as he negotiated Thunderbird Four deep under the sea to rescue the world from certain disaster?

Well now everyone's dreams of taking a ride in one of the magnificent crafts has finally become a reality.

Introducing our full size replica of the original Lady Penelopeís Fab1 from the 1960s puppet series of Thunderbirdís, it has four wheel front steering, motorised front grille & rocket and is fully road worthy. The FAB1 limo has been used by Gerry Anderson the creator of Thunderbirds, The BBC, Pinewood studios, Cannon Film, Toyo Tyres & Fanderson it has also been on ITV and Sky television.

Melvin will be your very own Parker and, for a fee, you can hire FAB 1 for Film / T.V Work, Birthdays, Parties, Nights out, Music Videos, Promotional Events, Weddings etc. All you need to do is fill in our Booking Form and we will get right back to you with details.

The car can be shipped both anywhere in the UK and World Wide.

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